Experience Certificates for Secretary

A secretary is generally a professional person who works in the administration department of the company. The main job of the secretary is to assist executives and key stakeholders of the company. The secretary also records meeting minutes, does correspondence, and much more.

The experience certificate is issued by the employer of the person who has experience of working as a secretary. This certificate is an official document that certifies that the person has genuine experience of working as a secretary. Since it also certifies the job of the person, it is also known as a service certificate.

The experience certificate is deemed useful because it tells that person has enough knowledge and intelligence to work as a secretary since he has already demonstrated the skills.

Whenever a secretary in a company decides to switch his/her job from one company to another, he/she will be required a certificate that can certify that he/she has worked. Usually, an aspirant for the post of a personal assistant is asked to show the experience certificate at the time of the interview. Some applicants are required to attach a copy of the certificate with their application form.

If you are someone who can write a certificate of working as a secretary in a company for someone, you must not forget to add the following details to the certificate:

Details of the organization:

The authenticity of the certificate depends on the company issuing it. If the certificate lacks the details of the company, no one will ever be able to verify the details given to it and as a result, this certificate is of no use. So, make sure that details of the company including the name, contact details, and designation of the person writing the certificate are included. Some companies also use the letterhead and stamp of the company to make the certificate look more authentic.

Date of certificate issuance:

One of the useful details that the potential employer is interested in is the date on which the employer has issued the letter of experience.

Details of the employee working as a secretary:

This section includes the name of the employee, designation of the employee in the company, tenure of the employment, and some other details.

Roles and responsibilities of the secretary:

Every secretary has some roles and responsibilities that he/she is required to undertake. The person you’re writing the evidence of experience for must have fulfilled many responsibilities as a secretary. Enlist all those responsibilities.

Details of the last salary:

The description of the last salary is proof that the secretary was a genuine employee who worked as a conventional employee and gained experience. This section must tell the salary amount, the date on which it was withdrawn by the employee, and some other details depending on what the company is ready to disclose.

Signatures of the concerned authorities:

At the end of the certificate, there should be a space where the concerned authority will affix the signature and stamp of the issuing company.

Following are some guidelines for those who want to write an Experience certificate for a secretary:

  1. Know who to address:

In the experience letter, you should know who you are addressing. If you don’t know this, add “To Whom It May Concern” instead of the name of the recipient.

  1. Be specific:

The experience letter is always drafted in a professional setting therefore, it needs to have a professional look. No matter what information you provide to the reader, be specific and say everything concisely. Most of the information in the evidence of work experience is usually factual and therefore, there is no need to beat around the bush.

  1. Check for mistakes:

Before you decide to send this letter away, make sure that you have removed all the errors regarding grammar, punctuation, etc. These mistakes can put a bad impression on the recipient. Therefore, proofread the letter thoroughly before sending

  1. Use the template:

Using the template is the best way to ensure that you have used the right format and your certificate looks perfect.

Certificate Templates


Experience certificate for secretary

Word Editable File
Size: 3MB


Experience certificate for secretary

Editable File
Size: 3MB


Experience certificate for secretary

Editable File
Size: 5MB


Experience certificate for secretary

Editable File
Size: 4MB


Experience certificate for secretary

Editable File
Size: 5MB

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