Bookworm Award Certificates for Word

Bookworm award certificates are the documents of recognition, that are given to book lovers to acknowledge their love of reading. These certificates are, usually, issued by academic institutions, such as schools, universities, etc. However, other issuing authorities also include libraries and reading clubs. Informally, even a parent may issue one to his/her child to appreciate his reading habit.

A bookworm is an individual who relishes reading. To appreciate the interest and acknowledge the love of reading, academic institutions often present such book-loving persons with these certificates.

Important purpose to serve…

These certificates serve many different purposes, such as:

  • The receiver feels appreciated and gets the motivation to continue his love for reading.
  • The receiver can mention this certificate in his credentials.
  • The student’s annual evaluation by his institution may acknowledge this certificate while assessing him.
  • Other people may get the motivation to earn such a certificate by developing the reading habit.

The issuing authority, however, needs to focus on designing such certificate templates in an attractive manner. Usually, students are the receivers of such certificates, and colorful and eye-pleasing certificates make them happy, which is one of the reasons behind the issuance of such certificates. 

Important aspects of designing

Therefore, while designing and issuing these certificates, the following aspects should be considered:

  • Irrespective of the choice between designing from scratch and customizing a free template, the focus should be on making the final draft a distinctive and attractive template.
  • The final template should be easily editable, and suitable for any type of book lovers, such as students, library goers, etc.
  • The information mentioned on the certificate should be clear, correct and up to date.
  • The purpose behind the certificate’s issuance needs to be clearly stated as well.
  • The spellings and exact name of the receiver should be correctly written/printed. Otherwise, the efficacy of the certificate in contributing toward the credentials of the receiver may become minimal.
  • The certificate should be signed and stamped before its issuance.

Important information to add to the certificate

The template design and stated information may vary, and different institutions may issue different types of bookworm certificates as well. However, generally, the following details are mentioned on such certificates:

  • Date of issuance.
  • Serial number or reference number of the certificate.
  • Title of the certificate, e.g., bookworm award, congratulations, etc.
  • Congratulatory wish and/or appreciatory statement.
  • Name of the receiver.
  • Purpose of the certificate.
  • Issuing authority, with logo, slogan, signature, and stamp.
  • Attractive pictures to indicate the type of achievement of the receiver.

These certificates may be issued because of mere observance. For instance, a teacher may forward a student’s name for his love of reading to the principal, and the principal may decide to appreciate him by issuing this certificate.

In addition, this type of certificate may also be issued as an award for a competition. For instance, a library may hold a competition based on the number of books being issued to an individual, and the winner may get awarded this certificate.

Sample Templates


Bookworm award certificate template

MS Word File Size: 3MB


Bookworm award certificate template

MS Word File Size: 3MB


Bookworm award certificate template

MS Word File Size: 3MB


Bookworm award certificate template

MS Word File Size: 3MB


Bookworm award certificate template

MS Word File Size: 3MB

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