Classroom Award Certificates

What is a classroom award certificate?

Classroom award certificates are the endorsement documents that are issued by a teacher or the head of an institution to the students as an accreditation of their achievements, qualities, or behavior. These certificates serve the purpose of recognizing and acknowledging the student’s efforts as well as they are intended to motivate the individual to continue such endeavors.

Students always feel honored when they receive any sort of recognition or an award. This is the reason why academic institutions often issue various certificates and awards to keep the morale of their students high.

When to issue the certificate?

A classroom certificate may be issued in various scenarios. For instance:

  • A student has performed well.
  • A student has shown excellent attendance.
  • A student has been good behaviorally with his classmates.
  • A student has maintained the decorum of the class and school.
  • A student has always worn neat and tidy uniform.
  • A student has participated in extra-curricular activities, etc.

The above situations are only a few among many. Due to this required versatility in titles and reasons, usually, the institution or teacher designs a template for such certificates. These can, then, be easily customized for the specific type of classroom certificate, that needs to be issued.

Usually, it is at the discretion of the teacher to issue these certificates. Therefore, the teacher can issue them to a student for performing once or over a period of time. For example, the teacher can give a certificate stating ‘student of the day’ to the student, who has performed and behaved well on a specific day, or it can be issued to a student having good attendance over the period of a year.

Other aspects of issuing the certificate

Irrespective of the frequency of issuance, these certificates have purposes to fulfill, which are the reasons behind their issuance as well. Listed below are a few of such aims:

  • These certificates give the student a feeling of acknowledgement and recognition. He/she would know that his/her efforts are not being overlooked.
  • The certificates motivate the students, so that they would not cease to show good behavior and performance.
  • When one student receives it, the other students get motivated as well to try and attain such certificates as well.
  • They can contribute to the overall evaluation and assessment of the student. In addition, to make it strong, it can be mentioned in the curriculum vitae (CV) of the student as well.

Text to include in the certificate

These certificates need to clearly state the receiver’s and issuer’s name, and why they have been issued. In addition, to improve the validity, the certificate needs to be duly signed and officially stamped.  Although the details can vary, generally, the following information is present on such certificates:

  • Title of certificate.
  • Date of issuance.
  • Name of the recipient.
  • Certifying and congratulatory statement.
  • Purpose of issuance.
  • Venue or location of certificate distribution (if needed).
  • Name of the school or institution.
  • Signature and stamp of the issuing authority.
  • Any related images or pictures.

Certificate Templates


Classroom award certificate template

MS Word Format | Size: 3MB


Classroom award certificate template

MS Word Format | Size: 3MB


Classroom award certificate template

MS Word Format | Size: 4MB


Classroom award certificate template

MS Word Format | Size: 3MB


Classroom award certificate template

MS Word Format | Size: 3MB

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