Most Improved Reading Award Certificates

A Most Improved Reading Award certificate is presented to students who show noticeable progress in their reading capability over a period of time. It offers motivation to these students for further improvement. At the same time, it is an incentive for other students who need to work hard on their reading skills.

It is an important certificate that almost every education institute presents to deserving students. This certificate can be awarded to students of all levels from pre-school to the 10th grade.

Here is how to design this document.

Include Important Information

The basic information on the certificate should be as follows.

  • Name and logo of the educational institute awarding the certificate.
  • The title of the award i.e: “Most Improved Reading Award”.
  • The name of the student receiving the certificate.
  • The date on which the certificate is presented.
  • Signatures of the teacher and the head of the institute.

Use a Clean Design

It is a formal certificate that is presented by an established institute. The design should be simple and clean. Avoid using too many elements or an overwhelming color scheme. In addition, use an easy-read font style with an appropriate size.

Incorporate Graphics

You should use high-quality graphics to decorate the certificate. It will be appropriate to use reading-themed graphics or images.

Use an Appropriate Color Scheme

The certificate can be designed for students of different grades. Use an appropriate color theme depending on the age of the recipient. For instance, if the recipient is a student in kindergarten, you can use bright colors and eye-catching graphics.

Design a Decorative Border

Design the reading certificate with a border. This will help make the document look neat and well-designed. You may use decorative borders following the reading theme.

Use Online Templates

In order to make the designing job easier, you can use online templates for Most Improved Reading Award certificates. These templates will help you create a more professional certificate with high-quality graphics and images. Here is how you can use these amazing templates.

Select the Right Template

The first step is to go through all the templates and find the one that is going to fulfill your requirements. You will find 100s of designs for reading awards. Keep your theme and ideas in mind so that you select one. You may choose more than one design if you want to create different certificates according to different grades.


Use the customization options to make any changes to the template if necessary. You may change the color scheme or add or remove graphics and images.

Add Personalized information

Personalize important information by adding the name of your institute, the receiver’s name, the date, and any other essential information.

Proofread and Print

Don’t forget to proofread before printing the certificate. Print it using high-quality paper for a professional touch for the award.

The availability of templates makes it easy for you to design the Most Improved Reading Award Certificates for your students.


Most improved reading award certificate

Certificate File 2 MB


Most improved reading award certificate

Certificate File 2 MB


Most improved reading award certificate

Certificate File 2 MB


Most improved reading award certificate

Certificate File 2 MB


Most improved reading award certificate

Certificate File 2 MB

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