Reading Award Certificates

Kids who are at the entry-level of their education usually struggle in reading and writing. It is evident that if a student is not able to read well, he will not be able to learn anything since the learning always starts from reading. Teaching reading skills to kids is not easy. There is so much that goes into it. Teachers of kindergarten and above levels usually use different teaching methodologies to enable students to learn effectively. Most of the time, no teaching methodology seems to work because students struggling to learn lack motivation. To motivate students, different schools have started to use reading award certificates.

What is a reading award certificate?

A reading award certificate is a kind of reward certificate that is used to motivate those students who show good performance in reading. These awards are used for appreciating the students.

Importance of using the reading award certificate:

When it comes to learning new things, every student behaves differently. Some students don’t learn quickly because they show a lack of interest while some don’t learn because they are quick learners or they are not able to struggle in the right direction. Regardless of what causes a student to not learn to read well, a teacher should take different steps to ensure a student’s learning.

When a teacher uses a reading award certificate to appreciate students with good reading skills, it compels every student to learn how to read. Students then put efforts to showcase their skills of reading and lead the classroom by earning the certificate. In simple words, this certificate is a tool that every teacher uses to appreciate the learning mechanism and boost the ability of students to learn reading at the same time.

How to excite students with the use of an award certificate of reading?

As a matter of fact, students of junior classes get excited so easily. So, it is very easy for a teacher to use the reading award certificate to compel students to accelerate their learning. The teacher should tell the students that if they learn enthusiastically, they will be able to get the reward from the teacher.

To develop more excitement, the teacher can reward something with the certificate such as chocolates or some kind of toy. Some students will improve their reading for such kind of reward.

Designing the certificate:

Finally, when you have decided to use the certificate, the first thing that you need to do is designing it. For this purpose, you need to be creative or search the internet for unique and appealing design ideas. Below are some design tips:

  1. Since the reading award certificate is usually issued to students of the junior class such as kindergarten, you must keep yourself aware of the mental level of your students so that you can design the certificate accordingly. You can add different cartoon stickers or some vibrant color designs that attract the kids.
  2. Adding the border to the certificate also makes it look wonderful. Your certificate can go well even without the border. However, when you add the border, you define the boundaries of the certificate and this gives a pleasing effect to the students.
  3. Add the details to the card that can be easily read by the pupil. You must appreciate the kid for showing extraordinary performance in the class. Also, mention your expectations from the student in simple words
  4. You can design the reading award certificate in a number of shapes and styles. This will excite students more and they will love to earn such a certificate. This will eventually result in boosted learning of the children.

What information should be added to the reading award certificate?

You should add the following details to this certificate for effective use:

  1. Name of the student
  2. Name of the class of the student
  3. Name of the institute and its logo
  4. Certificate description
  5. Appreciation statement
  6. Signatures of the teacher
  7. Date of issuance of the certificate

These are some common details that will make your certificate look complete. However, if you some other details in your mind, you can accommodate the certificate easily.

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