Super Star Award Certificates

Children need to be awarded for their hard work and perseverance. Only then will they want to continue working more. Other kids also may be inspired to work better so that they can get an award. Many award certificates are present for this purpose like the superstar award certificate.

What is a superstar award certificate?

A superstar award certificate is awarded to a child or student when they work hard. The certificate is seen as something amazing by the kid and is a paper of motivation to others. Kids may keep the certificate seeing it as being precious.

Importance of a superstar award certificate:

A superstar award certificate is an important document as it motivates and inspires kids. They may work better just to get it. The award can be kept as proof by the kid that they have attained something. They may even keep it and look at it later on when they are adults. The award is designed to look attractive and so can be pinned on the fridge or framed and put in a room. When the kid is applying to another institution, the certificate can be presented showing that the student is capable.

Tips to create a superstar award certificate:

If you need to make a superstar award certificate you should know that an important task has been assigned to you. You must make it carefully so that it can fulfill all of its purposes. The following tips can be kept in mind here:

Application: Select an application where the certificate can be made easily. It is not a good idea to write it by hand as this will look informal and childish. Consider Microsoft Word to make the award in. You can choose professional and wonderful fonts here. Select one that is readable and fun.

Heading: The certificate needs to have a good and prominent heading. It will allow people to know what it is all about. The heading can be something like “Super Star Award”. Select a bigger font size for the heading. The heading will be present on the top of the document.

Name of the school: It is important to state the name of the school clearly. The certificate may be given to another school if the kid is applying there. Therefore, the name should be stated.

Who is it presented to?: An area needs to be present for who the award is presented to? Here the full name of the person will be given. You can add the words “This award is presented to” before leaving space for the name.

Reason for the award: The reason that the award is being present needs to be given as well. It will let others know what the student did to achieve it. Before adding the reason, you can write the word “for”.

Words of encouragement and praise: You can add words of praise for the student. This can be something like “You are the best!”, “Well Done!”, etc.

Date: It is necessary to have an area for the date allowing the reader to know when the kid received the award.

Signature: A signature can make a document valid and authentic. Include an area for the signature of the concerned person. Without a signature, anyone can make the award claiming to be the head of a school.

Design to look attractive: The award certificate should look amazing. It is usually for kids so you can use bright and fun colors on it. A cartoon image can even be included like one of a star, trophy, medal, etc. Choose good colors that will appeal to kids. The color of the font must be attractive as well. It should not make the certificate confusing to read by dissolving it into the background color.

Final Words:

Superstar award certificates are indeed an important part of an award ceremony. The certificate has some purposes like making the hard work of a child be appreciated. Others are encouraged and motivated to work hard as well. When designing the certificate, make it appeal to kids whilst looking professional and formal as well. It should not look like it is some fake or childish award. The above points can be kept in mind.

Sample Certificate Templates

Size: 1MB Word .docx File Version 2007/later


Size: 1MB Word .docx File Version 2007/later


Size: 1MB Word .docx File Version 2007/later


Size: 2MB Word .docx File Version 2007/later


Size: 3MB Word .docx File Version 2007/later


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