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Tennis is one of the most commonly played games in the world. It is full of enthusiasm and physical energy. Due to this, different tournaments and championships in schools and colleges are organized frequently. Many clubs train people who want to play tennis. Students who are fond of this game participate in tennis games in their institute or local tournaments and then if they develop enough skills, they are allowed to represent their country. Different institutes encourage students to play tennis by awarding them with certificates.

What is a tennis award certificate?

This certificate is for those talented people who play and win any tennis match or tournament. Since the purpose is to encourage children, these certificates are also awarded to those who don’t win the game but show a good performance.

Who can issue the tennis award certificate?

All those people who are given the authority to judge the performance of the tennis player have the authority to issue the award also. If the game is organized in an educational institute, the coach of the player or teachers of children can come forward with the certificate and laud all the tennis players for putting effort into winning the game.

Why use tennis reward credentials?

There are different tools and types of awards are used to encourage aspiring tennis players. However, some institutes choose to award a certificate to their players. The certificates are usually created in a very expensive way and they can also be generated in bulk if multiple players are to be appreciated. So, they are considered as the best way to let the tennis player know that his performance has been judged and liked by spectators and they would love to see the recipient of the award play more and show even better performance.

Those who don’t win the match often feel disappointed and discouraged. Such players need more attention and appreciation because no event should result in frustrating aspiring tennis players. The award certificate will keep reminding them that at least they tried and their efforts were lauded. This gives them a message to never give up.

What information should be mentioned in the certificate generated for tennis players?

Now, when you are ready to award an appreciation certificate to all the tennis players of the institute at the end of the league, it is the right time for you to start working on the certificate. You must ensure that the document you create for appreciation contains the following details:

1- Name of the organization

Tennis events are generally organized at the organization level by different sports clubs, schools, colleges, and other institutes. For players, it is very important as to which tournament they are taking part in and what is the credibility of that tournament. So, they always want to see the name of the institute at the top of the certificate. In addition to it, tennis players might have to show the certificate later in any stage of life to prove that they have shown exceptional performance in sports. So, they can show where they have earned these credentials from.

2- Name of the championship

Most of the time, tennis competition takes place in the form of any league or tournament. The purpose of these events is to enable all the talented players to step forward and show their talent to the world. Some tournaments are local while some are organized at the national level. Regardless of the level of the league, its name should be given a place on the award certificate.

3- Name of the recipient

When you issue a certificate to a particular person who you think deserves to earn it, don’t forget to mention his name. Adding the name of the player on the credential is like valuing him and appreciating him for showing his talent and skills.

4- Reason for award

Although winners always deserve an award without specifying a reason, some players exhibit such sportsmanship that authorities consider important to be addressed. This section is mainly for those who don’t win the games but compete at all levels. The reason should be given in not more than 2 lines. 

Sample Templates

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Size: 4MB Word .docx File Version 2007/later


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