Course Completion Certificates for Word

What is a course completion certificate?

Course completion certificates are the official documents that acknowledge and appreciate an individual for the completion of a course. These are, hence, issued to the people, who have successfully completed a course, that is essential for their academic or professional career. The issuing authorities can include academic institutions, government organizations, and institutions, or private organizations.

Certificate as evidence

These certificates also serve the purpose of being evidence, that the holder was enrolled in the course, and has successfully finished it. Individuals get enrolled in various types of courses, such as:

  • Academic courses, e.g., diplomas or certifications for extending their academic knowledge.
  • Promotional courses, e.g., for army personnel, employees of government or private organizations, after which, they can be promoted to the next hierarchical level.
  • Technical courses, which are opted for to polish the technical skills, e.g., computer courses, Excel courses, etc.
  • Short courses, e.g., courses offered by professionals or experts, that are useful in refining one’s skill set.

Benefits of using a certificate

When a course is completed by an individual a certificate is issued. There are many benefits of issuing such a certificate, that include:

  • The certificate indicates the holder was enrolled in the specific course.
  • It is a proof, that the individual has successfully accomplished his goal of effectively going through the course.
  • It can be a source of acknowledgement and appreciation for the receiver.
  • It can be mentioned in the resume in the category of extracurricular activities or can be used in the overall assessment of an individual’s worth.

What information did the certificate hold?

The information on the certificate as well as its design needs proper consideration so that it serves the intended purpose. The design should be attractive, the text should be legible, and the images should not overshadow the text. Similarly, the details should clearly state the receiver, the issuer, and the reason behind the issuance. The key is to make it look professional and formal.

The issuing authority decides about both these elements of design and content, which, hence, may vary from one certificate to another. However, generally, the following information is included on such certificates:

  • Date of issuance.
  • Title of the certificate, e.g., certificate of completion, course completion certificate, etc.
  • Details of the issuing authority.
  • Details of the receiver.
  • Details of the completed course, including its name, description, time duration, etc.
  • Special position or performance, if any.
  • Congratulatory and acknowledging statement.
  • Any images or pictures.
  • Stamp and signature of the issuing authority.

When this certificate is issued the receiver keeps it in his record and can show or mention it whenever needed. For instance, if he is enrolled in a course for his promotion after completing the course he can submit a copy of this certificate to his employer as evidence, and request for his pending promotion.

Sometimes, people counterfeit these certificates and they customize a template and print it themselves without even completing a course. The issuing authorities can only control this by officially stamping, and duly signing the certificates that are original and issued by them.


Course completion certificate

Size: 3MB


Course completion certificate

Size: 3MB


Course completion certificate

Size: 3MB


Course completion certificate

Size: 3MB


Course completion certificate

Size: 4MB

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