Project Manager of the Year Certificates

A project manager leads the entire team to achieve the desired project goals. When a manager performs exceptionally well, his efforts are acknowledged by the company in the form of certificates and other rewards. Similarly, when a project manager shows extraordinary performance throughout the year, he is awarded a Project Manager of the Year Award Certificate.

This certificate encourages employees to perform well. It is an honor for the recipient and provides an incentive for him to continue working diligently. 

Here are some tips about designing this special award certificate.

Main Title

The main title of the certificate is “Project Manager of the Year Award.”. This helps in identifying what the certificate is for. It should be prominent with a bold font style.

Name of the Recipient

This is one of the most important components of the certificate. The design should be customized to include the name of the manager who is going to receive the award. Most of the time, there is space on the certificate to write down the name manually. However, a printed name leads to a better impression. It shows that the certificate has been specifically designed to acknowledge the impressive efforts of a particular employee. He can truly own the certificate with his name printed on it.

Make sure the name is also prominently displayed. Choose a font that displays the name clearly and legibly. Additionally, it is also important to make sure that the full name of the employee is provided with no spelling mistakes. This small step leads to an error-free certificate design.


Usually, the layout of a Project Manager of the Year Award Certificate is simple and basic. However, you can opt for a more unique layout that makes the certificate stand out. It is important to keep the layout and overall design of the certificate well-organized and clean. It is best to go for a minimalistic design that keeps the focus on the primary purpose of the certificate instead of grabbing attention toward the design elements.

Font Style and Size

This certificate does not contain too much text. It mostly mentions the title, name of the project manager, date of rewarding the certificate, and relevant signatures. Make sure you use the same font style for all the provided text to keep everything well organized.

However, the size of the font may change. For instance, the title and employee’s name need to be more prominent, requiring a larger font size. However, other information may be presented using the regular font size.

Color Scheme

Since it’s an official certificate, the color scheme should be sophisticated and elegant. Avoid using funky colors or bold color schemes. It is best to go for neutral shades or light tones for a Project Manager of the Year Award Certificate.


If you are not sure about how to design a certificate for the best project manager of the year, using templates for this purpose is a good idea. Created by professionals, these templates offer many design options and allow you to customize them.

Project manager of the year certificate

MS Word File: 4 MB

Project manager of the year certificate

MS Word File: 2 MB

Project manager of the year certificate

MS Word File: 3 MB

Project manager of the year certificate

MS Word File: 3 MB

Project manager of the year certificate

MS Word File: 3 MB

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